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Chamillionaire Says Unity Is Making Houston Artists Lazy

Posted By on October 2, 2008

    Chamillionaire recently talked to XXL Magazine about the situation in Houston. After competition between himself, Paul Wall, Slim Thug and Mike Jones helped get them all major deals and blow Houston up, it seems Cham thinks now thet their are all cool, its actually hurting them. "I feel like [the unity right now] has got us a little bit lazy. Everywhere I go, they like, 'What happened to Houston?' And that's a problem for me."

    Chamillionaire says "It makes me look weak if everywhere I'm going, they think that just everybody from Texas fell off. It's easy to put out an album and put out a hit, but after that, what do you do?" After pausing for a minute, Cham expressed his frustration saying "Maybe they're right. Maybe Texas is dead."

    Chamillionaire recently put out the 4th edition in his Mixtape Messiah series and now is working on his highly anticipated third album with Universal. When talking about his new album Cham says "I want to help everybody else and motivate them to be like, 'Look man, we need to get up off of our you-know-whats and go out there and get it."