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Chamillionaire Offers Fans Free Mixtape

Posted By on November 29, 2006

As Houston rapper Chamillionaire revels in the success of his debut, The Sound Of Revenge, it may seem that the rapper has forgotten his underground fanbase, but, in fact, that's not the case. And to prove it, the rapper is prepping the release of his highly anticipated Mixtape Messiah 2 mixtape, which he will offer to fans free of charge.

In preparation of his sophomore offering, The Ultimate Victory, Cham will release Mixtape Messiah 2 for download, free of charge, exclusively on his newly relaunched website, Chamillionaire.com, on the morning of Christmas Eve.

"I have been working so hard the past year that I haven't had the time to feed my underground fanbase the way I have in the past," said Chamillionaire. "I feel that the best way I can say thanks to everyone that has supported my music from the beginning is to give them Mixtape Messiah 2 for free."

Longtime supporters of Cham know that he has always had a strong presence on the web, both on his own site, Chamillionaire.com and his MySpace page, which currently boasts over 21 million music plays. His new Chamillionaire.com website will be completely renovated with 3d animation graphics, updated pictures, video footage, downloads, Chamillionaire blog comments and the new Chamillitary mailing list.

Fans will be able to sign up for autographed giveaways and hear exclusive music via the site's Chamillitary Radio station; both from Chamillionaire, and his new Chamillitary Records artist, Famous, who Cham signed to his label last month. Those not already familiar with Famous can do so at the newly launched site.

Following the release of the free mixtape, Cham will release the DVD portion in late January, which will feature up-close-and-personal footage of Chamillionaire while on his grind to the top the last few years, show footage, backstage antics and life on the road.

"I have had a camera following me for years," said the rapper. "And I have so much footage that I feel the fans should see. A lot of it is raw and it would take years to get clearances from all the people on it with me, but that doesn't mean the fans won't see it. There's personal footage that I have kept aside to help promote my upcoming album, The Ultimate Victory, but the majority of it will be released in installments, for the streets.

"Every artist hates illegal downloading and while it may seem to some that I'm supporting it, I really feel that people are just hungry for some good material. Hopefully, they will get a full meal with Mixtape Messiah 2," added Cham.

His official sophomore release, The Ultimate Victory, is due in stores March 2007.