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Chamillionaire releases “Mixtape Messiah part 3” Dont Sleep

Posted By on June 26, 2007

Dont Sleep Chamillionaire been speaking the truth for many years down in the South. He is really looking at expanding his creative sense on the new album and id be shocked if it doesnt make Sound of Revenge look like a mixtape. In the meen time go get the Mixtape Messiah Part 3 on July 18th.


For fans of Houston rapper Chamillionaire, the wait for his anticipated new album Ultimate Victory
will be a little less agonizing thanks to the release of a new DVD and
mixtape, that will hold fans over until his September 18 release date.

The DVD will be released on July 18, precisely two months before Ultimate Victory and takes an in-depth look at a side of Chamillionaire fans may not have the opportunity to see anywhere else.

"With the DVD it's kinda just to let people connect with me a little
more. Like nowadays a lot of people just say, 'Well, you know I feel
like I know Chamillionaire, I like him.' They like what I stand for or
whatever and I feel like the DVD kind of just helps that,"
Chamillionaire told AllHipHop.com. "So many people put out songs and
stuff, but you can't really connect with the artist. People that want
to put me in their homes, they can do that and they'll be able to just
watch it and get to know me a little better."

Chamillionaire will also be releasing the freestyle heavy Mixtape Messiah Part 3 on July 18. Both the mixtape and DVD can be found online.

"It's gonna come out July 18 and I'm gonna release it everywhere
online for free," Chamillionaire revealed. "It's not gonna be something
where I go sell it and put it in stores or nothing. It's just to hold
my fans down until September 18. We released Mixtape Messiah Part 2 before and it was a success and now this time they know they about to get a creative mixtape with freestyles from me on Mixtape Messiah Part 3."

Ultimate Victory, Chamillionaire's sophomore album will
feature appearances by both old school and new school artists including
Slick Rick, Devin The Dude, Lil’ Wayne and Krayzie Bone.

To find out more about the Mixtape Messiah Part 3 mixtape and DVD and where to download the two visit www.chamillionaireonline.com or www.myspace.com/chamillionaire.