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Chamillionaire Wont Just Ride Out Ridin He Wants To B

Posted By on November 30, 1999

LOS ANGELES � Something strange happens when a street rapper scores a #1 single.

"Grandmothers, little kids, everybody's gettin' into the record," Chamillionaire said of his smash, "Ridin'."

Not that he's complaining, although the unlikely success of the song, which addresses racial profiling by police, does have Cham in a tough situation.

" 'How do I follow up "Ridin' "?' I ask myself that question every day 'cause that record is so big right now," the rapper said before immediately answering his question. "I got another single right now called 'Grown and Sexy,' which is dedicated to the females, a full-figured woman, and I feel like it's gonna be another big hit. I had success with my first single, success with my second single and I'm gonna prove to them that I can do it with a third."

Chamillionaire doesn't specify who "them" is, but it could be label executives, whom he said are trying to get him back into the studio to start recording his next album.

"I believe in pushing my records until the wheels fall off," he said. "I might have to slow down on [recording] 'cause I might even be able to get another million out of my album. I'm about to go overseas, we have a lot of remixes to the 'Ridin' ' record, and we'll do some remixes for 'Grown and Sexy' too, just to keep on pushin' my album."

Cham will, however, start writing the next record while he's on the road.

"I feel like I'm in my zone right now. I feel like I know what people want to hear, and a lot of the catchy melodies and hooks that I'm doing right now are starting to catch on to people," he said. "I definitely got a lot of things in the kitchen. … I am a career artist. A lot of people come by and they fly by night, but I'm gonna prove that I can stay in the game and have some longevity."

And that starts this summer, with "Ridin' " hopefully ridin' it out for the season. Cham's busy schedule includes a guest spot on a new Ciara track a video game cameo and, of course, Sound of Revenge's third single, "Grown and Sexy."

"On the hook, I actually say that a female has a perfect face, a perfect smile, but something about her is different, because she looks better from behind," Chamillionaire said. "That means her behind looks better than perfect. So that's gonna be a banger for the females, and I think the gentlemen will feel it too."