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Charles Hamilton Becomes A “Loser” At Old School

Posted By on March 16, 2009

    Charles Hamilton is teaming up with hip-hop magazine XXL to release his new "Loser" music video on Wednesday. XXl will co-produce, direct and of course release the new video for the song from his "Pink Lavalamp" mixtape. Travis Satten directs the video that shows Hamilton back at his former highschool, Harlem's Frederick Douglas Academy. The new video will also feature scenes in Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz's nightclub "Angles and Kings."

    Check out the behind the scenes footage of the video where Charles talks about being back at his highschool where he recorded the "bible" (as he calls it), or album the track is from. [watch here]. "Its crazy Im in my old highschool uniform and my old highschool where I made this song at," Charles says [watch here]

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Charles Hamilton – Behind The Scenes Of "Loser" Music Video