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Charles Replies To Wale, Drops 3 New Songs

Posted By on April 13, 2009

    In a new video [watch here], after saying he is down with KiD CuDi, B.o.B., Blu, Curren$y and Ace Hood, Wale says "Charles Hamilton— That’s not my nigga. Any real nigga don’t run behind your back and say some bullshit. Especially if he know you gon check him, and not on a record. It’s ok, we all young rappers growing up." [watch here]

    Well now Charles has replied. Writing on his blog, Charles says "I’m not his n1gga. And? He didn’t diss me… besides, I think this is the show he was telling me about… or was it the show where in a freestyle he said “F*ck Charles Hamilton”? I don’t know/care. if its an issue, I’m sure as vocal as Wale is, we’ll hear about it. I mean, other rappers did entire interviews thoroughly explaining their issue with me. Then again, they got ignored, too. Damn. When I go fishing for a shark, I end up with tadpoles at the end of my fishing rod. Shucks… oh well… Until the next time I speak to Wale, this gets filed under “TheShruggingShoulders"

    In related news, three new songs hit the internet today that feature Charles Hamilton lead by his collab with the legendary MC Lyte called "Loading" [listen here]. The other two include "Before I Go To The Store" [listen here] and Charles take on "MTV 2 Cribs" [listen here]

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