Charles Hamilton Says Soulja Boy Is Killing Rap

Charles Hamilton Says Soulja Boy Is Killing Rap

    After his beef with Soulja Boy last year [watch here], Charles Hamilton is once again speaking about the teenage rapper saying that his "Turn My Swag On" represents today's rap. Hamilton says that Soulja Boy's music is an example of what is wrong with rap radio and even talked about Jay-Z. "Inspirational hip-hop music, and nowadays it's gotten to the point where, n*gga, an inspirational hip-hop song is 'Turn My Swag On'," Hamilton said in an interview. [watch here]

    "F*ck outta here n*gga, like that's the best you can do in the mainstream? No, I'm not trying to hear that. That's really not where I'm at. When I saw Coldplay and Jay-Z at the Grammy's, I was like that's just f*cking ridiculous. That's hot. What would have made it iller was if it was Jay-Z with like a younger band…Jay-Z is a big rapper who taught a lot of lessons over the years but it was always up to the listener. Maybe you can fault them, maybe you can't. Maybe you're supposed to have your eyes on it. There's too many 'maybes,' that's my point. This new generation just ain't on their feet." [watch here]

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Charles Hamilton Talks Soulja Boy, Jay-Z & Hip Hop


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