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Police Shot at Chief Keef Prior to Arrest in 2011

Posted By on January 15, 2013

New facts have surfaced concerning the ongoing case with rapper Chief Keef. Keef was arrested in December of 2011 for brandishing a firearm at a police officer. It has now come to light that cops discharged their weapons at the rapper before they arrested him.

Chief Keef was initially charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a firearm on a police officer, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and a misdemeanor charge for resisting arrest. The rapper was eventually given probation; however in June of 2012 Keef was arrested and charged with violating the conditions of his probation. This charge stems from a videotaped interview of Chief Keef that was conducted at a gun range. In this video, Keef is allegedly seen holding a gun which is in direct violation of his conditions of probation. He is also be being charged with a second violation for not completing his GED in the allotted time.

Based on a report by DNAInfo.com, Keef exited his grandmother’s home holding a coat over his hand positioned in front of his waistband. Cops stopped him outside and asked him to show them what was under the coat, Keef dropped the coat and the police officers saw the gun. Keef immediately fled and the officers gave chase. The officers report that Keef turned around several times and pointed the gun at them (He did not discharge the weapon.). It is now known that the police officers did discharge their weapons at the rapper. When the officers finally caught up with the rapper they took him into custody and recovered the gun which was loaded.

Keef was supposed to go into court on January 15, 2012 for his hearing. As of yet, no report has been issued on the outcome of the hearing. No one has indicated whether or not the officers discharging their weapons will have any bearing on the final disposition of the case.