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Chief Keef Refuses To Take Care Of His Daughter

Posted By on May 5, 2014

Rapper Chief Keef always seems to find his way in to headlines and he has continued to do so, as reports claim the Chicago rapper is being blasted by his baby mama for not taking care of their child’s health.

According to reports, Keef hasn’t been paying for his daughter to have health care.

 Barack Obama would be SUPER DISAPPOINTED in Chief Keef … ’cause according to his baby mama, the rapper has FAILED to get his daughter health insurance. It ain’t like Chief can’t afford it … as his ex points out in legal docs, he signed a $6 million record deal in 2013 and has at least $594,167.46 in liquid assets. The woman, Jasmine Woodford, claims she’s just a poor nursing student who can’t afford to buy a health plan herself … and a judge previously ordered Keef to pony up, but he never did. (TMZ)

  • Jay $hoota

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    • alexis

      That dose not give him a resson not to take care of his damn kid -.-

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  • alexis

    He needs to take care of his motherfuckin kid should of wore a condom if wasn’t gonna take care of his child !

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  • Guest

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