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Chief Keef Concert Canceled By Police Due To Violence Concerns

Posted By on June 13, 2014

Chief Keef was evicted from his mansion earlier in the week and the bad news continues for the Chicago rapper, as reports claim law enforcement was forced to cancel a concert this weekend due to suspected violence.

According to reports, violence concerns caused law enforcement to cancel Chief Keef’s show at Olympic Theater in Ciero tomorrow (June 14).

 “Police Superintendent Bernard Harrison has confirmed his force fears Keef’s presence at the venue could spark violence. He tells the Chicago Tribune, “We have indications from intelligence sources that there were going to be problems and there have been many problems at his concerts in other places. I spoke to the director of the theater myself and asked if he could cancel the concert. He complied with my request.”” (Contact Music)

Chief Keef recently explained why he was evicted from his mansion earlier in the week. Read the original story HERE.

 “But our photog spotted a self-professed “turnt up” Keef in West Hollywood hours after the eviction … and he says it’s not about money … it’s because, “I’m too bad, I guess I’m a bad little young boy, I gotta go.”” (TMZ)

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