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Judge Makes Final Decision On Chief Keef

Posted By on September 12, 2013

According to TMZ, an Illinois judge instructed the Chicago Police Department to apprehend Chief Keef if they cross paths with the successful rapper. The state wants the hip-hop artist arrested and thrown in jail.

State officials scheduled Keef to appear in court on September 5, 2013 to explain the reasoning with why he hasn’t paid over $20,000 in child support to the mother of his child.

Chief Keef was a no show on his court date. Thereafter, the judge ordered a warrant for his arrest giving the police the authority to lock the young man behind bars until he pays at least a fifth of the child support.

Keef’s legal troubles may not stop there.  The baby’s mama claims she gave birth to the child in 2011, making Keef fifteen or sixteen at the “scene of the crime.”  You see,  according to Illinois state law, it is illegal for two people to have sex under the age of eighteen even if it is consensual.   The legal term is criminal sexual abuse. Ironically, Keef’s little bundle of joy may also result in a misdemeanor for him and the baby’s mother for criminal sexual abuse.