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Chief Keef Back In Custody

Posted By on November 7, 2013

 Chief Keef just can’t get his act together as he has violated his probation AGAIN.  The Chicago rapper is back in custody due to failing two drug tests.

The young rapper is set to appear back in court today (November 7) to see where his fate will lead him. According to reports, Keef will be faced with a 90-day drug treatment.

Keith Cozart, known as the rap artist Chief Keef, is back in custody after failing two drug tests and is due to appear in court today to determine where he should undergo drug treatment, officials said. A judge on Wednesday had ordered Cozart to undergo 90 days of drug treatment at the Haymarket Center, a residential treatment center on the West Side. But Cook County sheriff’s officials delayed sending him there pending a hearing today to clarify with the judge whether he intended that Cozart be housed in a facility that is not guarded, sheriff’s spokesman Ben Breit said. (Chicago Tribune)