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Chief Keef Probation Meeting Moved Up

Posted By on January 10, 2013

It seems that young 17 year old upstart Chicago Rapper Chief Keef has more going on outside the studio than inside. The young rapper is currently facing probation violations charges for multiple violations of the conditions of his probation, which he received as a result of an incident in which he allegedly pointed a gun at a police officer. Prosecutors supposedly have a video tape of an interview that Chief Keef did with Pitchfork on a gun range. In this video Keef is allegedly holding a gun, which is a direct violation of his conditions of probation which state that he is not allowed to be in possession of a firearm, drugs or narcotics, or be associated with any type of gang activity.

The original hearing was scheduled for December 12, 2012; however, the prosecution asked for more time to gather certain material pertinent to their case. The hearing was then pushed back to January 28, 2013. Sources are now saying that the court date for the hearing has been pushed up from January 28, 2013 to January 15, 2013. Some close to the young rapper fear that the fact that the prosecution has agreed to move the date up because they believe they have sufficient evidence that Keef did indeed violate his probation. If found guilty of violating his probation, the teenage rapper can be ordered back to a juvenile detention center to serve out what remains on that probationary sentence.

In that teenage obliviousness to reality that is all too present in this culture, Keef’s response was, “It’s a piece of cake.”