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Chingy Denies Being With A Transsexual

Posted By on April 21, 2009

    Chingy is now addressing the recent rumors that claim he was sexually involved with a transsexual rapper by the name of Foxxjazell. Saying the gossip was fake, Chingy pointed out why you shouldn't take the rumors seriously; "I wake up to people hitting me about some bullsh*t radio show," Chingy said in a video. [watch here]

    Chingy continues making it really clear; "I don't have a secret lifestyle my n*gga. I didn't know somebody could hate a n*gga that much to where they would actually go and make this sh*t up…They can eat a d*ck 'cause that's just outta line…The transsexual they tryin' to say that the sh*t happened with, I don't even know that person. Never seen that person a day in my life. Only thing that person knew was my name and who don't know my real name? I say my real name in my motherf*cking raps so everyone knows I'm Howard Bailey. But you know, that's just some funny sh*t, what they're trying to pull off." [watch here]

    The rumors started when a interview hit the net over the weekend that featured Foxxjazell saying "Howard Baily, You learn those things when you're intimate with a person…Honestly, it started off as a one night thing, and you know, it kinda turned into one of those things where he came to town quite often." [watch here] Foxxjazell went on to say "When I first met him, I met him all the way back in '03 like before he was even signed to Capitol and we met through a mutual friend…When he first met me, he didn't know I was a tranny…Most definitely he was the receiver. You see, I got a rule and that rule is that the only way you gonna smash on me is if you comin' out the pockets, provide for me in some type of way." [watch here]

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