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Chingy Addresses The Haters: “You Hate Me Or You Don’t”

Posted By on December 5, 2007

Chingy is ready to make a come back, having reunited with Ludacris and the Island Def Jam roster. In this interview, St. Louis native about the meaning behind his new album title, the pressures of releasing his forth album and why Jay-Z's president/rapper role at Def Jam is not a conflict of interest.

As we previously reported Chingy settled his differences with Ludacris, returned to the Disturbing Tha Peace imprint. In August of this year he left Capitol Records, signed with Island Def Jam and began working on his forth studio album, Hate It or Love It.

"You know with me getting back with Disturbing Tha Peace, I felt it was like the right time to use [the title Hate It or Love It] considering I know there was gon' be a lot of haters on the sideline gossiping and talking with what they think about the situation. And then there's gon' be people glad to see me back with Disturbing tha Peace and that's rootin' the situation on. So I looked at it like I'm gon'' call the album Hate It or Love It and I take it like this, by this being my fourth album, either you like me or you don't."

While fellow Def Jam rapper LL Cool J has been quite vocal about Hova's conflict of interest, Chingy brushes off concerns.

"Not knocking LL or nobody," Chingy told SOHH. "It's just my opinion. That's what Jay-Z do. He was a artist, blossomed into a CEO, president of a company. And he still wanna be a artist at the same time. I can't knock him, for doing what he do. It don't matter if he's the president. I understand that it's like you're competing with your boss but like that's what he do man."

"I ain't looking at it like I gotta compete with him," he continued. "I'm just out here doing me. I'm not worrying about what he doing. I'm worrying about what I'm doing and me selling them records."

When asked if he felt any pressure releasing an album in an era when rap album sales have been less than stellar Chingy replied, "Naww man, pressure bust pipes, so I try not to feel too much pressure and let the pressure get to me. I just clear my mind, try to go in the studio, make a nice album, make some great music, just get it out there and the rest is history."