Chingy Gives Personal Shout Outs

Chingy Gives Personal Shout Outs

St. Louis bred rapper Chingy has recorded more than 100 versions of his latest single, "Dem Jeans," as ringtones using various girls names.

The ringtones, which will only be accessible to Sprint and Nextel customers, has Chingy replacing the word "girl" in the chorus line "damn girl, how'd you get in dem jeans," with names like Beyonce, Oprah, Mariah, Nene and Jalisa, among others.

Fans can access the ringtones by navigating to either the "Call Tones" or "Ringer" categories under "Downloads" on their Sprint phone. Sprint and Nextel subscribers can also purchase the content on the Web by visiting

Sprint will also begin streaming the videos for "Pullin' Me Back" and "Dem Jeans," as well as an exclusive interview Chingy did on Sprint TV, which is available on Sprint Power Vision phones.

Hoodstar, Chingy's latest album, is also available for download via the Sprint Music Store.

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