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Chingy, Luda Battle Daisy Duke-Clad Ladies; Snoop Sips Drink At Holidae In

Posted By on August 1, 2003

LOS ANGELES — Ludacris and his protégé Chingy walked outside on Wednesday sweaty and covered in blue feathers, looking like they just beat up the Cookie Monster.

The battle inside, though, was actually against a horde of scantily clad ladies, equally boiling and armed with pillows.

In an adjacent room, lit only by black lights, more women in high heels, Daisy Dukes and bikini tops lounged on leather beanbag chairs, flirting with a bellhop while he puffed a stogie and sipped on gin and juice.

“When you get on the road and you do certain things and you get in the hotel room, there’s no telling what the hell could go down,” Ludacris explained.

The party Wednesday looked like a hip-hop tour stop, but in reality, it was the video set for Chingy’s next single, “Holidae In”.

“That’s what hotels are made for,” said the bellhop, played by Snoop Dogg, dressed in a green suit and endorsing the merrymaking around him. “The Holiday Inn has always been a special spot, so it’s beautiful that Chingy made this record and he included me in and we just gonna have a good time. I’m dressed up as the bell captain, Captain Bell, and I’m just basically escorting people in and out of the hotel and just checking in different rooms, making sure everything is ran appropriately at the hotel ‘Holidae In.’ ”

Jeremy Rall, the man behind most of Luda’s videos, is directing the clip, which begins with a busload of a beautiful women pulling over at a retro inn.

“It’s all centered around this big, old hotel,” Ludacris explained. “You got different rooms with a lot of different things going on, but generally speaking, it’s just men having fun with women. Three men having fun with a lot of women, to be exact.”

The hotel the crew is using, the Ambassador, has actually been closed for years, although it was once a popular Los Angeles hangout.

“Frank Sinatra, he used to be up in this hotel,” Chingy said. “And this is where Robert F. Kennedy got shot. And Sammy Davis Jr. and all them used to be chillin’ up in hurr, so that’s a real nice experience for me to even be somewhere that they were at.”

During downtime on the set, Chingy chatted with family and friends who came from far away to congratulate the rapper on the success of his first LP, Jackpot, which recently debuted at #2 on the Billboard albums chart (see “Chingy Set To Hit The Jackpot With Ludacris, Murphy Lee”). His sister was also there for a cameo in the video.

In addition, Chingy spent time on the set plotting with his mentor, Ludacris, who is putting together a Disturbing Tha Peace Records tour with the rapper for the fall.

“He reminds me of a younger me,” Luda said. “I say that all the time. He’s just a real hardworking individual. He stays in his studio. He’s just a workaholic just like myself and that’s what we do.”

After the “Holidae In” video wraps on Friday (August 1), Chingy will join back up with the Dirty South Mix Tape Tour. He’s also playing dates on the Rock the Mic and Scream 3 tours.