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Chinx Drugz

Three Men Taken Into Custody In Connection With Chinx Murder; Witness Speaks (Video)

Posted By on May 18, 2015

Reports have hit the web that three men have been taken into custody in connection with the murder of rapper Chinx Drugz. According to sources, NYPD’s SWAT team raided a home in Queens and Onrockaway.com stated that the men were brought in on two different charges.

“While details are still sketchy, police sources say that three men were taken into custody at 2436 Beach Channel Drive at about 12:45 on Sunday, reportedly in connection with Pickens’ (Chinx’s) shooting. Others, however, say those men were arrested for stealing a car in Bayswater, Queens and were chased to the location by police officers. It is possible, however, sources say, that the two cases are connected and that the shooters were seeking to steal a car to leave the area.”

Chinx family has taken to his instagram account to finally break their silence.



  • Keyser Soze

    should already have the stolen car prepped, crime done in under 10 flat. Let everyone see you drive and get in and out in that stolen car (wear ski masks). drive it to an abandoned lot, soak it in gas destroy all evidence. dispose of clothing and continue everyday life. have the shit done inside of 30.