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Chris Brown and Frank Ocean Get Into Fight and Police Called to Scene

Posted By on January 28, 2013

It seems that the ongoing feud between singers Chris Brown and Franck Ocean is back on tilt, once again. According to a report by TMZ an altercation between singers Chis Brown and Frank Ocean erupted in Los Angeles on Sunday Evening. Initial reports indicated that ocean allegedly initiated the altercation, but Ocean later took to the twitter airwaves claiming that he was jumped by Brown and a couple of his people.

The official story reports that Frank Ocean and several of his people attempted to stop Chris Brown from departing from the parking lot at Westlake Studios. Ocean, reportedly told Brown, “This is my studio. This is my parking spot.

Sources claim that Brown attempting to shake Ocean’s hand, but he was subsequently assaulted by Ocean and his friends. Ocean supposedly confronted Brown face to face and Brown pushed him away, which led to the altercation, consequently leading to the police being called out to the scene.

Some time after, Ocean took to twitter to give his version, claiming that Brown and several of his friends attacked him. He said that his finger was injured in the fight and that he will have to play with one hand at the Grammy’s.

The bad blood that fuels this feud stems from several exchanges between Brown and Ocean. Brown was reported to have compared Ocean to Kevin Cossum and James Fauntleroy which did not set well with Ocean who responded by comparing Brown to Sisqo and Ike Turner. Just when the tension seemed to be settling, Christ Brown reportedly commented on Oceans sexuality, which re-intensified the tension between the two.