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Chris Brown Decides To Leave Rehab To Party With Trey Songz

Posted By on February 6, 2014

We recently reported that Chris Brown got a little help from a Los Angeles Judge to avoid jail time and serve a 90 day rehab sentence for anger management. Brown seemed to be obeying the rules until the Superbowl came around as reports claim he used a free day out of the rehab facility to attend a party.

According to reports, Brown was given a pass to leave the facility to meet with his attorney, but he made a little detour to Trey Songz Super Bowl Party.

Brown was granted a pass out of rehab on Sunday, where he was to meet with his attorney before returning to the center. The R&B singer took a detour however, eventually landing at a lively Trey Songz Super Bowl party. (HNHH) 

According to Brown’s friends he was only in attendance for a  few minutes, and stopped by because he thought it was for charity.

Sources close to the singer report that he was only present for 10 minutes, and only made the trip because he believed the party was for charity, but either way, he never declared it when leaving rehab– which could get him in trouble. (HNHH)

Check out the footage of Chris Brown attending the party below: