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Police Chief Resigns Amid Chris Brown Community Service Scandal

Posted By on February 15, 2013

It has been reported that the Police Chief of the Richmond, VA Police Department has resigned his position after allegations surfaced that he helped Chris Brown falsify his community service hours related to the Rihanna assault case.

According to reports from TMZ, Brian Norwood, the Chief of Police of the Richmond, VA Police Department stepped down from his position as that city’s top cop after he was accused by the Los Angeles County District Attorney, through an official report filed with the courts, of helping singer Chris Brown falsify documents that stated that Chris Brown had successfully completed his community service requirements associated with his assault case involving singer Rihanna.

In this report, the District Attorney asserts that Chief Norwood helped certify hours that Chris Brown never performed. Allegedly, Norwood signed documents that states that he personally oversaw community service duties performed by Chris Brown; hours that were never performed.

The Mayor of Richmond has indicated that, based on a mutual agreement, he will be accepting the resignation of Chief Norwood.

The judge overseeing this case in Los Angeles has stated that Brown must produce verification of the hours that he has worked.

Former Police Chief, Brian Norwood, will be replaced by former Assistant Chief of Police Ray J. Tarasovic, who will be emerging from retirement to fill the vacant position.

It has not yet been indicated whether Norwood will face any disciplinary action by his former superiors beyond surrendering his position. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office does not have jurisdiction over Norwood, so it will be interesting to see how this will play out.