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Chris Brown Praised By Judge For Progress

Posted By on February 19, 2010

     Yesterday Chris Brown appeared in court in Los Angeles Superior Court where a judge praised the hit R&B singer for fulfilling the terms of his probation from his felony assault charge stemming from an event with his ex-girlfriend, singer Rihanna. During the progress review Thursday (February 18th), Judge Patricia M. Schnegg praised the singer saying "Looks like you're doing really, really well [fulfilling your probation terms]. That's always good to see." Chris has, so far, completed 17 out of 52 group sessions for domestic violence and hasn't missed one. The judge added that Brown has so far completed 32 days of hard labor.

     Although he is reportedly doing well, Chris Brown is still required to check-in with the Judge all the time. Brown must make regular visits before Judge Schnegg to update her on the fulfillment of his punishment. In November, he also went before Schnegg and received an "extremely favorable" review. Brown has publicly and privately apologized on a number of occasions for attacking his former girlfriend on the eve of the 2009 Grammy Awards.

Chris Brown – In Court The Judge Praises His Progress