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Chris Brown Ordered To Stay In Rehab For Mental Disorder

Posted By on March 1, 2014

Chris Brown recently finished his 90 day anger management course, but reports have started popping up online about Brown having to stay in rehab for another two months due to some medical complications he is suffering from.

According to reports, Brown has numerous health issues that might have factored into his legal fate.

Chris Brown has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, severe insomnia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder … and that’s why he has had such anger issues … this according to new court docs. Chris was in court today for a progress hearing in the Rihanna beating case. Documents were filed by the facility where Chris just completed 90 days of anger management therapy. In fact, Chris stayed longer, just completing 95 days. In the legal docs — obtained by TMZ — an official from the rehab facility wrote that … in addition to his diagnosis … Chris was self-medicating inappropriately. (TMZ)

Although Brown has been ordered to stay at the facility for another two months, reports claim Brown has been making great progress to better himself.

The letter says Chris is on meds for the bipolar and other conditions. Chris has learned various relaxation exercises, according to the letter, and he’s tested negative for drugs, including weed, during his stay. The facility says he’s doing really well. It says he gets up at 5 AM and works hard. They say he’s been especially good with community service, saying, “Mr. Brown’s attitude has been beyond exemplary in regard to his community service responsibilities.” (TMZ)

Brown received the rehab extension when he appeared in court earlier this week.

The good news for Chris Brown is a luxury rehab center in Malibu is better than the men’s central jail in Los Angeles. The bad news is a Los Angeles judge ordered Brown to stay another two months in the anger management and drug rehab program he entered three months ago. Although Brown’s probation officer reported the singer “continues to make great improvement” in dealing with anger, stress and drugs, the judge decided during a hearing Friday he can’t go free yet. He has to be tried on an assault charge in Washington first. (CNN)