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Chris Brown Yells at Valet and Refuses to Pay $10 Charge

Posted By on March 11, 2013

Entertainer Chris Brown has found himself in the negative spotlight yet once again. This time the singer is captured on tape yelling at a valet attendant and refusing to pay the $10 valet charge.

Chris Brown was at the PINZ Bowling Center is Los Angeles, CA, where he got into a dispute with a valet attendant. Apparently, Brown did not feel that he had been inside of the Bowling Center long enough to accrue a $10 valet parking fee and refused to pay the fee. The attendant, in turn, refused to give Brown his car keys, and the shouting match started.

TMZ recently obtained the footage of the dispute in which Brown is heard telling the parking attendant that if he doesn’t give him his keys, he was going to “turn the whole spot up”.

“Gimme my fucking keys, fuck ten dollars,” he yelled at the attendant. “Gimme my keys [or] we gonna turn this whole spot up, I promise you.”

Unfortunately for Brown, this is not the first negative encounter of this young year. In January, Brown got into a fight with singer Frank Ocean. The details surrounding that altercation was highly publicized with Brown getting the majority of the blame for the incident. At this point, it has not been made clear if there will be any type of fall-out behind this incident.