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Chris Brown Picked Up By Federal Marshals To Head To Court

Posted By on April 3, 2014

Chris Brown is back in the headlines again as reports claim the singer has just been picked up by federal marshals who are set to take him to his trial in Washington D.C. for his assault case.

According to reports, Brown got picked up by federal marshals who will transport him to a federal holding facility where he will begin his trip to Washington D.C. for an assault case.

“Sources connected with the case tell us Chris is on his way to a federal holding facility in San Bernardino to begin his long trip to Washington D.C. … where he will stand trial for assault.” (TMZ

Once Brown gets to the federal holding facility he will hop on a airplane to head to Washington.

“Later today Chris will board a airplane — guarded by U.S. Marshals and appropriately restrained — but the flight is NOT a non-stop.  In fact, we’re told there are so many stops he probably won’t get there until Sunday.” (TMZ

Chris is set to be in Washington D.C. by Monday for his hearing.

“Chris will be in D.C. for a hearing Monday where his lawyer, Mark Geragos, will try to get the charges dismissed because he believes prosecutors inappropriately used the grand jury to gain an unfair advantage in the criminal case.” (TMZ