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Chris Brown’s Bodyguard Sues Drake & W.i.P. Night Club Over Injuries

Posted By on April 12, 2013

It seems that the dollar amount keeps climbing as far as the financial damage associated with last year’s brawl between the entourages of Chris Brown and Drake. The latest person to join the law suit line is Chris Brown’s Bodyguard, Patrick Strickland. Strickland has filed a lawsuit against Drake and the W.i.P. Night Club in New York.

Strickland is suing based on the bases of the severe and disfiguring injuries sustained to the head, face and eye after being hit with a flying bottle. Strickland, 43, sustained these injuries while guarding Chris Brown.

Report of the lawsuit was revealed by AllHipHop.com, but the initial report does not state the specific terms of the lawsuit of the amount that Strickland is seeking for his injuries.

Earlier this year Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs sued the W.i.P. Night Club for a total sum of $20 million because of the injury to his eye that night. In turn the night club is seeking money from both entertainers, Brown and Drake.

Parker’s suit alleges that the night club had subpar security which led to the altercation getting out of hand.

At this point neither of the camps for the entertainers have responded to the latest lawsuit, indicating what stance they will take on it. One thing is clear, the injuries sustained by Strickland will be evident for life and there no amount of money that will remove those scars.