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Chris Brown Misses MET Gala Due To Emergency Plane Landing

Posted By on May 10, 2013

Singer-actor Chris Brown was not able to keep his plans after the plane he was riding was forced to land because of smoke. According to reports from TMZ, the plane was forced to land in Burbank, California after its cockpit began to fill with smoke shortly after takeoff.

According to one source, there was smoke everywhere.

At this point there has been no determination of what actually caused the smoke that forced the emergency landing.

The plane was originally bound for Teterboro, NJ, but was able to make a successful emergency landing, without incident or injury.

Brown was able to board another East Coast bound flight roughly an hour after his initial flight was grounded. The delay caused him to miss the Metropolitan Museum Of Art gala; however, he was able to attend the after party which was held at the “Boom Boom Room”.

At current, there has not been a statement issued by the Chis Brown camp.