Maino Gives Chris Brown Advice On Comeback

Maino Gives Chris Brown Advice On Comeback

    New York rapper Maino recently talked about Chris Brown's comeback from the highly media-covered domestic dispute with fellow singer and then girlfriend, Rihanna. "My predictions are coming true, if you didn't know earlier in the year I predicted that Chris Browns and Rihanna's relationship would not make it to September and earlier this week, he got 5 year probation for the events that caused them to break up," Maino wrote on his blog. "I just want to say that he'll be all right, I don't see him getting into anymore trouble to violate the 5 years probation. [What] happens is they give your a** those 5 years and hope you mess up so they can give you state time. But, like i said earlier he will be all right I have friends that got 20 times worse, so that ain't nothing major. It's just a good feeling to see a lot of my predictions come true, knowing that I got a crystal ball lying aroundin my home and I can see everyone's future."

    In related news, Maino recently had a push-up contest with the staff of XXL Magazine. [watch here] Plus fellow New York rapper N.O.R.E. took a video camera as he went to the store to buy Maino's album. [watch here]

Maino vs XXL – The Pushup Contest


N.O.R.E. buys Maino's Album "The Fat Gun Way"


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