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Chris BrownChecks His “FAME” On New Album

Posted By on September 20, 2010

     Chris Brown recently decided to come back with a whole new follow-up to his 2009 "Graffiti" album. The hit R&B singer says that he is going with "F.A.M.E." (forgiving all my enemies) a s the title of his new album.

     "I'm putting out singles a lot right now, so everything's coming together. But I definitely am gonna to say this and plug it quick: The name of my album is Fame so make sure you check it out," Brown said when he recently played radio host on 102.3 The Beat in Austin, Texas. According to some reports, the title references a "Fame" tattoo a "Fame" tattoo the singer sports on his arm. The singer also urged fans to look out for the singles "Yeah 3X," a high-energy track infused with chirpy techno rhythms, and "Calypso" which hetweeted about in early September. "I'm trying to get everything together, figure out what I'm [going to] do with the album,"

Chris Brown  ft Big Stat – Deuces