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Chris Brown Says He Didnt Call Jay-Z A Cornball

Posted By on November 30, 2009

    Chris Brown recently talked about news reports that suggested he was taking a shot at Jay-Z when he sent an update on Twitter that used the word "Cornball" during Jigga's performance at last weeks American Music Awards. According to Chris Brown, his remark on Twitter was in regards to his friend who was rapping at his home, not Jay-Z. "Nah, my Twitter ain't get hacked, I think what people blew out of proportion, was I was also commenting on the 'AMA's' but I was still tweeting like randomly what was going on," Brown told DJ Whoo Kid. [Chris Brown Says His Tweet Was Not About Jay-Z – Listen Here]

    Brown explains what happened saying he doesn't need anymore trouble right now. "So like, the homies were at the house and everybody's like, 'Oh, well he's making an excuse,' all I twitted, was 'cornball.' Like, I wasn't talking about homie at all. But like, the funny thing is, my homies was rapping and I'm like, 'y'all n*ggas are corny.' And I just typed it in and then at that moment, I started seeing the comments 'Oh you talking about Jay? You talking about Jay?' I'm like, 'h*ll nah, whatchu mean?' Then I said, let me delete this before it becomes another story. I don't need no more problems right now. I don't need no more people cussing me out. It was just people being on some extra sh*t, you feel me?" [Chris Brown Says He Doesn't Need More Trouble – Listen Here]

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