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Brown’s New Song Talks Rihanna & Drake

Posted By on December 2, 2009

    Chris Brown recently released a new song "Famous Girl" in which he fuels rumors that his ex-girlfriend Rihanna is having a relationship with new rapper Drake. Although the song doesn't specifically mention Rihanna's name, the background content is creating comparisons. Singing lyrics including "I never should have written 'Disturbia'" and "I should have known you'd break my heart," Brown seems to be talking about Rihanna. There were rumors of both Rihanna and Brown cheating for months prior to their break up. Singing "Since I thought I found the right woman there were other guys who thought the same thing about it, like damn you let me down-down-down you famous girl," Brown sheds light on a relationship just after singing "Drake would say that you're the best he ever had. Rumors come and go but you keep a shadow. Every where you go it follows." Brown later laments "Too much pressure I wish I was frozen. Seems we lost our way. I hope you're happy being famous girl." [Chris Brown – Famous Girl Song – Listen Here]

    In related news, Drake talked about Rihanna and her new album. "Rihanna has a great album," Drake said in an interview. "She's got great records that she's using, she's got great records that she's not even using that she has for a later date. I'm excited for her. She deserves everything that she gets…We did do some great work together and hopefully it'll find it's place on some project one day. The record we have is great. It's a special record, so for it not to make it, I know something had to click. It's all good. I think the project's gonna be great no matter what."

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Chris Brown – Famous Girl (New Exclusive)