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The Clipse Talk About Possible Diss By Jay-Z

Posted By on January 12, 2010

    Clipse members Pusha T and Malice recently sat down to talk about the possible Clipse Diss that appears on Jay-Z's recent "Thank You" track from his new Blueprint III album. With reference to "clips" and "casket," Pusha T says he does not believe Jigga has any reason to diss them. "People have been asking me about that," Pusha T explained in an interview. "I don't know. I don't know man. Jay-Z 'has' to like The Clipse. He raps. He's a rapper, he has to like The Clipse. Come on, he's heard us before. He knows we're good." [Clipse – Talk About Possible Diss From Jay-Z – Watch Here]

    Malice added that he agrees with Pusha T. Malice can't imagine while HOV would want to take shots at them. "I hate to think that, I mean, really we just The Clipse," Malice added. "You know, we ain't sold millions and millions of records so why would anybody do that?" [Malice – 3AM Video Blog – Watch Here]

Clipse – Talk About Rumored Jay-Z Diss


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