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Pusha T Writes His Lyrics Unlike Jay-Z

Posted By on January 19, 2010

    Pusha T, the long-time Clipse rap group member, said that his way his writes rap lyrics is similar to the freestyle techniques of rappers like Jay-Z. "I have the coolest little writing journal. I love to just blackout in it, and I can't wait! It's like everything. I'm just taking on all beats and all types of sh*t and just spilling," Pusha said about his pen game.

    Pusha T says that rappers who brag about not writing down their lyrics
and actually freestyle verses (like Lil Wayne) may be making a mistake and lowering the
quality of their rhymes. "To me, not too many people are good at freestyling. Everyone always talks about how they freestyle lyrics. Freestyling lyrics with no depth is stupid to me. That's corny. I can do that. I've done it, and it's never as detailed as it could be. Someone like Jay-Z that does that has mastered it. People try to mimic, but they don't understand, you can mimic the process but you have to master it to have that type of effect. I freestyle melodies. I'll find a melody by just vibing with a record, but not actual lyrics. That's a puzzle."

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