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Malice Talks Former Manager’s 32 Year Sentence

Posted By on February 18, 2011

     The other half of The Clipse, rapper Malice, recently spoke about his former manager Anthony "Geezy" Gonzalez serving out a thirty-two year jail sentence for drug trafficking charges. Saying he sensed problems before Gonzalez was arrested in 2009, Malice discusses the effect the experience had on his life.

"The thing with Tony — it was so surreal," Malice explained in an interview. "You always hear you're going to end up dead or in jail if you sell drugs, but I don't think any of us thought it would happen to our fam. I thought we knew something the rest of the world didn't. Ironically, in a weird way though, I literally seen it about to happen…it was intuition I guess. We were all in Miami. Out of nowhere I ask my man Tony if he's good. I told him it would break my heart if he were ever in jail. He reassured me he was good. Everything was fine. The whole crew went down the next day. Our homies were supposed to come back on a later flight than us, but they got word that the authorities were waiting for them at the airport. They never made it back to Virginia. At least not as free men." (Village Voice)


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