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The Clipse Talk Collab With Camron

Posted By on April 28, 2009

    The Clipse recently talked about their upcoming collaboration with sometimes Dipset member, Cam'ron, saying it's all about Cam. "I think Killa is about to really, really show off," Pusha T said. [watch here] "When you hear the Clipse and Killa, it’s gonna be an amazing thing. Definitely!" Pusha went on to give more details on the new track saying "It’s entitled ‘Back by Popular Demand,’ " he continued. "I think the title explains a lot. Cam has been away from the scene. The want for the Clipse is high. It’s just, like, ‘Back by Popular Demand’ is fitting." [watch here]

    The Neptunes own Pharrell Williams produced the track and sings on the chorus as The
and Williams are in Miami working in the studio. Not wanting to give too much information on the song, "It’s crazy, I can say that," Malice added. The Clipse new album, "Till the Casket
," is set for early September but, before the release you can expect tons of material. "It’s about to be an onslaught of just viral footage, music … just
everything leading up this album," Pusha promised. “We’re really trying
to get into the depths of the streets, get to the Net crazy — just put
a whole campaign together for everything coming with this one." [watch here]

The Clipse Talk Collab With Cam'ron