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Clipse Talk Moving Record Labels

Posted By on August 3, 2009

    The Clipse say that rappers should take control of their own careers rather than expecting a record label to guide them. [The Clipse Talk Moving Record Labels – Watch Here] The vet rap group also talked about their past issues with Jive Records and how they are now over at Sony slash Columbia with Rick Rubin. [The Clipse Talk Moving Record Labels – Watch Here]

    "If you're trying to survive, you got to keep moving," they explained. "We've always been ourselves, and have done what the label doesn't do…You can't just expect them to do everything, and some labels aren't as passionate about the work that you do…You know the emotion you have behind it…We definitely don't cry over it, we keep it moving…Just like with Jive, when we saw how all that was going down, we made a whole big movie about it…The fans were in on it, and they saw how we were being treated, and they felt disrespected…All these labels are under a few different umbrellas, and those two labels happened to be under the same umbrella. At the end of the day, all the checks are going into one spot…So that wasn't really a big deal…We don't really worry about the label stuff anymore." [The Clipse Talk Moving Record Labels – Watch Here]

The Clipse Move Past Label Beef "We Don't Cry Over It"