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Rik Cordero Says Clipse & Camron’s Video Is Done

Posted By on October 23, 2009

    Rik Cordero, the hot music director of today, has announced that the Cam'ron slash The Clipse "Popular Demand" otherwise known as "Popeyes" music video is done, giving his opinion on the project. Talking outside the set itself, Cordero said that there were problems due to the authorities in New York but they made it work. [Rik Cordero Speaks On Cam'ron & Clipse New Video – Watch Here]

    "We just wrapped up The Clipse featuring Cam'ron, Pharrell, 'Popular Demand' music video otherwise known as 'Popeyes' but it was definitely a crazy shoot," Cordero said. "I'm not gonna lie, there was a lot of good people involved, we got a real good crew, a lot of people just wanna make something real and everybody came together despite all the craziness that happened with the cops, all types of sh*t and everybody pretty much just put their heads together, you know, it was frustrating but we got it done and that's really what hip-hop is about. You know, overcoming adversity or whatever and just doing something real. So shout-out to Cam, man, The Clipse for showing so much love that's what it's about. Real artists doing something creative, that's what we do man." [The Clipse, Cam'ron – Behind The Scenes Of Their New "Popeyes" Video – Watch Here]

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Rik Cordero – Says Cam'ron & The Clipse "Popeyes" Music Video Is Done

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