Clipse Talk “Im Good’ Remix With Rick Ross

Clipse Talk “Im Good’ Remix With Rick Ross

    The Clipse recently released the remix video for their "Im Good" track featuring Rick Ross and in a new interview the group talked about working with the Triple C's leader. "I think Rick Ross was a fan of the song," Malice said of their "Im Good" co-star. "He reached out. He was feeling the song, laid his verse
to it, killed it. We had to go in and rewrite our verses and put it
together." [The Clipse Talk About Their Remix Of "Im Good" with Rick Ross – Watch Here]

    The Clipse say one of the things about Ricky is his internet game is big. "His Internet game’s been really good, as far as shooting the videos
and so forth," Pusha added. "He’s like, ‘We gotta shoot this.’ He sorta
showed us a bit of that side, how they was hustling a bit. [The video]
came out dope. Very crazy. Very much so performance-based, Miami
nightlife. Miami’s a movie in itself. When you got a hot record and
that type of scenery around you and you in that type of company, just
the whole performance side is the biggest thing. It’s a really good
look." [The Clipse Talk About Rick Ross And His Internet Game – Watch Here]

The Clipse – Talk "Im Good" Remix With Rick Ross


The Clipse ft Rick Ross – "Im Good" (Remix)


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