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Clipse Talk Former Manager Geezy Gonzalez

Posted By on November 11, 2009

    Last month, former Clipse manager and friend Anthony "Geezy" Gonzalez struck a deal for one federal drug conspiracy charge plus one firearm charge and no matter how much it hurts to, the Clipse say they must go on with their lives. "The show don’t stop, we know what we gotta do," Malice said, who tweeted, "We luv u GZ!" in the wake of Geezy’s court outcome, said. "So we’re out here doing it. The situation has been hard as well as heartbreaking. But I got the faith everything is gonna work out for the best. I believe everything happens for a reason. We still take care of our fam. We never leave our fam behind." [The Clipse Talk About Former Manager Geezy Gonzalez – Watch Here]

    "Geezy’s good," Pusha insisted. "Yeah, he’s alright," Malice concurred. "Everybody is good. It’s Geezy, it’s a few more too," Pusha detailed. "Y’all just know Geezy, but everybody is our brother. Every time we talk to them, nobody is hanging their head. Ain’t no crybabies. We got real soldiers in the family. Everything is gonna work out alright." Geezy is set to be sentenced on Jan 11th while the group drops their new "Till The Casket Drops" on December 8th. [The Clipse Talk About The Status Of Everyone – Watch Here]

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