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The Clipse Say Their Video Is NOT Racist

Posted By on December 18, 2009

    The Clipse are now responding to multiple media reports that accuse them of being racially offensive in their Cam'ron-backed "Popeyes" collaboration, from their new "Till The Casket Drops" album. Pusha T denied that the "Obama's Fried Chicken" sinage in the music video was racist at all. "It's fu*kin' crazy!," Pusha explained in an interview. "And all it is – to me, Obama's Fried Chicken was nothing racist about that, it's just the fact that he was elected President and in celebration that chicken shack or whatever it was changed its name to that. Whoopty-f*ckin'-do." [The Clipse Defend Their Music Video & Obama Comment – Watch Here]

    Pusha continued saying "But [it's] the same thing [as the 'Jews made me' line]. Jewish people, I mean, like they don't run the record industry? Like what, I can't say that? I mean, I don't know that a lot of…ya know, c'mon! It's their business! But it's like yo, look what they made me. And I'm saying that I'm – It's like pompous, like yo they have created…I'm in this industry and they've created me and this industry and look how arrogant I am. Like you sorta gotta take it in the whole context of the – not just that one line, you gotta sorta take the full [line] before it and the two after it." [The Clipse Say Their Video Is Not Racist – Watch Here]

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