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The Clipse Mature With Sophomore Release

Posted By on November 9, 2006

The Clipse previewed their long-awaited sophomore album to select press on Friday (November 3) during a listening session in New York City.

After being pushed back numerous times by their label Jive Records, the album, titled Hell Hath No Fury, is definitely worth the wait.

With 12-tracks produced by the Neptunes, they didn't stray from the sound Clipse fans have grown accustomed to, but yet have managed to evolve. Whereas Lord Willin' was almost entirely about cocaine, Hell Hath No Fury delves into other arenas such as apologizing to their mom for being living obnoxious lifestyles on "Momma, I'm So Sorry," to describing their version of life, if the have-nots one day became the haves, on "New World."

"We growing up. We might do a whole conscious album next time," Pusha T joked.

With songs like "Chinese New Year" and "We Got It 4 Cheap," they definitely haven't completely gotten the old Clipse out of their blood. There's talk of gun claps and slangin' coke between the aforementioned songs, but then again, this is the Clipse.

"My favorite songs on Hell Hath No Fury are 'Keys Open Doors' and 'We Got It 4 Cheap' because they're so, so street and everybody knows The Clipse are just so, so street," the Clipse's Malice told BallerStatus.com.

With a distinctive street sound, the album is creative and believable. There's even a song entitled "Nightmares," featuring Bilal, that has a Curtis Mayfield/Superfly vibe. Pusha T described the song as a hustler's paranoia, which is the case, however, the song is so smooth that even non-hustlers can appreciate it.

Pusha T sums up Hell Hath No Fury as "bringing back East Coast boom-bap" or a "throwback to the mid-nineties," while Malice says, "We're way more confident; way more cocky, so we're going at it. We ain't playing no games."

Hell Hath No Fury is slated for release November 28.