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The Clipse “We Dont Like Hip Hop, We Rather Sell Crack”

Posted By on May 1, 2007

Rap duo Clipse would rather make a return to drug-dealing than make another record because the industry "has no morals".

Brothers Pusha T and Malice, real names Terrence and Gene Thornton, used to sell crack cocaine on the streets of Virginia and use their experiences as inspiration on previous tracks.

But the duo claim they would prefer to return to their drug-dealing days than work in an industry "with no principles".

Younger brother Pusha T says, "I don't like hip-hop no more and I don't like the music business. No ethics, no code, no morals. It's worse than drug dealing. No one works on principles.

"At least in the crack trade, there's a code of honour. The music business is the worst. You turn into a number as soon as you sign the papers."