Common Is Just Right As The Believer

Common Is Just Right As The Believer

     Every year at the Grammy Awards artists take full advantage of the media coverage by promoting their upcoming project and Common was no exception. During a red carpet interview, the Chi-Town rapper told MTV about his upcoming "The Believer" album. "I’m starting on the next album right now with No I.D., who produced some of my earlier stuff, and Twilight Tone who also produced some of the earlier stuff. I’m working with them and Kanye, and I’m going to go to some boom-bap."

     In related news, Common also was interviewed at the awards by TV-Guide where he first explained where his name comes from, later moving on to his upcoming acting projects like "Just Right" in which he plays an professional basketball player.

Common – Talks About Kanye West & New Album


Common – Interview With TV Guide At Grammy Awards


Common – Performs With Zac Brown, Colbie Callait


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