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Common Wants Fans to Become A Believer

Posted By on May 13, 2010

     Common recently talked about his "The Believer" album, saying he wants to bring it back to hip-hop's early roots. "Well the new album is called The Believer and I'm working on it," Com explained in an interview. "It's really just in the beginning stages but I been cooking up with No ID and Kanye West and my man Y-Not, who produced some of my earlier music. It's really just essential boom bap hip-hop. I think I'm at a place where I wanna do some boom bap, raw sounding hip-hop that's inspiring. I think that's what people wanna hear. It's gonna have some scratches, flows and everything because there aren't too many rules to hip-hop. You think about what hip-hop brought that was so new was that it wasn't really any rules to hip-hop. When I listen to Chuck D on 'Rebel Without a Pause,' he had like four verses on that song. It wasn't about, like, 'Okay, we gonna do 16 bars with an eight bar chorus.' It was just like this is what I have to say and I'm gonna say it and it came out that way. They let it be natural and be raw and that's what I want to have happen with my new album."

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