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Common Talks Terminator And… Oh Ya, Music

Posted By on May 21, 2009

    "Terminator: Salvation" hits the theaters today and rapper slash actor, Common, recently talked about his role in the new film. "Man, it's like, when you get Terminator, like, I'm interested," he
explained in an interview.
[watch here] "I know that's a classic, I know that's a
legacy right there. To know Terminator and then I heard Christian Bale,
then [director] McG, I was like ah man, this is a great combination so
I was ready. And then read the script and seen how good it was, I was
like cool. We're moving there."
[watch here]

    In related news, Common also does this thing we call rapping. Recently in a new interview, the Chi-Town rapper talked about working with hit producer No I.D. and some guy named Kanye West [watch here]

Common Talks About Terminator Salvation Movie Role


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