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Pete Rock Details Common’s Ice Cube Diss (Audio)

Posted By on June 13, 2011

     Complex Magazine recently caught up with producer Pete Rock to speak about many things, including working with Common on his infamous Ice Cube diss track, "The Bitch In Yoo." As the producer of the song, Pete Rock explains how it came together and the story behind it. Check out what he had to say along with the song itself, all below!

“I remember getting a phone call from [Common] saying how upset he was about getting disrespected by Ice Cube. I told him, ‘If you need my help, I’m here.’ He came to New York and we hung out at a friend’s house. I made that beat at a friend’s house with records that I had given him so he could make beats, because he made beats too. I left them over there, [so I used them] and came up with the track. I couldn’t believe that [Common] would like it. I thought I would have to go home amongst my stuff. He was right there with me when I made it." (Complex)

“He was charged up. I felt, as a man, if you feel disrespected, and you feel that in your heart, you fire back. That’s what it is. That’s how real men are supposed to get down. But this was a wax thing. I think Common stood up as a man and told him how he really felt. It was memorable, man. Very classic moment." (Complex)

Common – The Bitch In Yoo