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Common Talks Playing A Slave In New Series

Posted By on August 3, 2010

     Rapper slash actor, this time an actor, Common recently confirmed the rumors that he will be playing a freed slave in the upcoming AMC series called "Hell On Wheels." Talking about his motivation for the role, Common says he believes the shows quality writing and overall concept were determining factors in his choice to do it.

      "The writing of the show was such quality and the character had so much depth to it. This is one of the best characters I've come across regarding reading any script in my life," Common revealed to Beats, Boxing and Mayhem. "To play a freed slave to represent that time was a challenge to me as an actor. Whether it's TV or not I just want to be a part of quality things. And being on AMC the season doesn't last as long so I'll still be able to do films and tour. That made it even a better situation."

Common – Interview (Becomes Slave In New Movie)