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Common Talks Creating His ‘Be’ Album (Video)

Posted By on September 1, 2011

     Common recently sat down with Reebok Classics to discuss creating his "Be" album including the "The Food" track which Common says was his first song he made Kanye West. Common went on to talk about the beat for "The Corner" track, which Common says was created in 30 minutes.

In 2005, Common released his sixth studio album, and second gold record, Be. In describing the album’s concept shortly after its release, he said, “I named it Be to be who you are, man, and be able to be in the moment and not try too hard. Be is another way of saying just do without trying hard, like I said, natural and be true to the core of who you are; and this album, I wanted to just be and not just go and exist as just an artist, not worried about the past.”

Common – Talks Making 'Be' Album