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Bizarre Says New D12 Isn’t A Comeback

Posted By on July 22, 2010

     As D12 tours Europe, they continue to work on their upcoming new album but Bizarre says don't call it a "comeback." During a recent interview, Bizarre says that D12 has matured and plans to come out with not only a new mixtape but of course, a new album.

     "The passing of Proof really affected us," Biz says of the groups growth over the last few years. "We learned to really appreciate life more. We definitely had to step up more and play more of a leadership role as a group to make sure everything was focused and keep this D12 movement moving and alive. That's one thing that Proof definitely wanted to happen so we ttalking. We can't just come out with an album and ain't nobody heard from us in a while. Right now it's really about lyrics and mixtape styles to break it up with some D12 concepts and ideas."

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