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D12 Responds To Fake Eminem Diss

Posted By on November 25, 2009

    As we previously reported, long-time Eminem enemy, New York's own Canibus, tried to re-start his past beef with the Detroit rapper by releasing a new diss song in which he attacks Eminem's image and even included verses from Eminem's own D12 group. Now in an exclusive, D12's own Swifty McVay explains how the Eminem diss, included verses from D12. "That was us but the guy set us up," Swift said of DZK (who is also featured on the song). "[He] asked us to do a track with him when he already was teamed up with Canibus without us knowin. They dissed Em,  took our verses an added them to the song so they can bring traffic and make it seem like we turning on em… as a desperate attempt to be heard after duckin an dodgin EM for 7 years. It was a stright hoe move." [Canibus – Releases Eminem Diss – Listen Here]

    Swift continued by saying "Marshall is our brother we love him. We jus did voodoo festival with him and we see him all the time…We totally have no reason to lash out on him for any reason." Swifty finished by saying "since them niggas mentioned Proof an Hallie..fuck rapp, its in another realm now, they can hide in diffrent states all they want we will see those bitchassniggas one day 4 sure!" [Canibus – Releases Eminem Diss – Listen Here]

Canibus – Disses Eminem